Tasair are the most experienced operators of flights to Melaleuca (Bathurst Harbour) and have been providing this service for 45 years.

Once your flight has departed Hobart International Airport you can enjoy the very personal service and commentary from our experienced pilots as you fly over the stunning scenery.

Our Pilots have undertaken comprehensive training and evaluation for this service to ensure they exceed the standards required to operate into this remote area.

Tasair have a proven record of reliability and safety operating single engine aircraft on this service for 45 years. Our current fleet of Cessna aircraft have been chosen due to their lighter weight, manoeuvrability, sturdy construction and excellent power to weight performance.

For the hardcore bushwalker we can offer the absolute wilderness of Moores Valley, prices on request.

Flights for bushwalkers are available to Melaleuca (Bathurst Harbour) at the following prices:

One way: $205.00 per person
Return: $390.00 per person
NB: There is a minimum of two passengers at these prices.

All efforts are made to combine parties. If one passenger does not wish to combine, or cannot do so, then payment for two passengers is required.

Detailed information on walking the South Coast and Port Davey tracks in Tasmania's remote Southwest National Park can be found here. Additional information for bushwalkers can be found further down this page...

General Information
  Flight Bookings
Bushwalkers loaded up to fly to Bathurst Harbour

Bushwalkers at Bathurst Harbour

All bookings for bushwalking through our Hobart Office. Flight confirmation is advised at least 24 hours prior to travel.

Tasair Office - Hobart - 7 days a week
Phone: (03) 6248 5088
Fax: (03) 6248 5528
Email: flight@tasair.com.au

See also: Contact Us

  Large Parties

Can be carried by use of several aircraft

  Flight Times

Tasair has no scheduled flights and departs according to booking at your preferred time.

Weather can delay flights, but Tasair will make every effort to minimise delays and reschedule your flight if necessary.


Tasair accepts credit cards, cash or cheque.
(cheques for advance payment only)

Bushwalkers’ Information

Walking the South Coast Track, Tasmania

Walking the South Coast Track, Tasmania

Bushwalkers on the South Coast Track

Flown in on request. These need to be delivered to Tasair at least two weeks prior to your walk, to allow us to combine them with other loads.

Cost: $4.40 per kilogram

Packing of Supplies
Pack securely, label clearly with name, destination and date required.

At Melaleuca they are left in a shed near the airstrip.

Confirmation of Delivery

Please telephone Tasair before your walk to ensure that your supplies have been delivered (both to Tasair and your destination).

  Parks Passes

Parks and Wildlife Services Tasmania requires that you pay a fee and have a pass before entering a National Park (ie before flying to Melaleuca). Park Passes are available from Tasair's Hobart office for $30.


Packs are included in all flight costs (maximum 20kg per person).

  Cooking Fuel

Please note, no fuel can be carried on Tasair aircraft. Gas canisters are prohibited as they are classified as a dangerous good.

Fuel and gas can be purchased at the Tasair office and collected at Melaleuca at the following prices:

Gas: $10.00
Methylated spirits and Shellite: $5.00 per litre

  Bus Transport

Bus transport to and from Cockle Creek is available by request, and provided by Tassie Link.
Tassie Link: (03) 6272 7300


Bushwalker flights with Tasair to Melaleuca, Bathurst Harbour, Port Davey, South-Coast Track